Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Legend of Fae

I blogged about this last year and it has since been released. It's a Match-3/RPG that is initially accessible and ramps up to semi-frantic action, not getting too out of control in what I played, but definitely not leaving you feeling bored.

You swap orbs to match-3 and collect whatever type of power that color represents, straightforwardly enough. But the combat happens on a separate screen, and does not involve an opponent playing the matching game against you, so there's no gnashing of teeth at the hideous unfairness of a cheating computer unleashing 25-combos. You build up power for different kinds of actions and then switch over to the combat screen to unleash the spells you've been preparing. Then back to the matching screen and so on. Multiple elements, special attacks, chain bonuses, and so on add to the strategy.

Also, lovely pixel art, and a better story than you see in a lot of casual games.

When I last played the demo it still had a few rough edges but was overall a lovely experience, so I would recommend checking it out if orb-swapping combat sounds at all fun to you.

Demo Download Link

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