Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nod or shake

vague game idea that might be fun or might be too much of a pain...

Imagine playing something like The Little Mermaid (not Disney's version) - you're stranded in a new world, you can't speak to anyone, you have enemies trying to discredit you, and you're trying to accomplish some task, whether it be romance or something else.

As an adventure game, you can go around picking up objects, combining them, and showing them to people. You can also communicate in sign, except of course that you don't know sign at first and you have to pick up new symbols as the game progresses by interacting with other people, who will eventually show you ways to refer to different things.

So at first pretty much all you can manage is 'yes' or 'no' but slowly you develop a more complex vocabulary.

Could even use real sign language for an educational bonus, if you had sufficiently good animation.

this is why we invented 'don't read the comments'

Whiny, but hey, this is a blog for whining. I am sick of beating my head against the desk at people who insist on complaining that Game X is not Game Y, when it never at all claimed to be Game Y.

Imagine if every review of a Zelda game were just constantly whining that Link can't jump as well as Mario and none of his powerups make Link big or let him shoot fireballs so the game is obviously meh.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

as for the monstrosities

That would be this:

Secret Flirts - Nintendo DS

Do not buy this game unless you are addicted to collecting terrible games just so you can impress people with how bad your taste is. Which is okay. Some people are into that. Some people gift Secret of the Magic Crystals to each other.

If you want to know why I'm mocking it, check out this Let's Play thread. Nuff said.

High School Dreams

I know, you totally want to see a Western 3d hot-pink mall-bunny dating sim, like, for sure.

Compared to some of the monstrosities I've seen on DS, though? This doesn't actually look that bad. I mean, it's still the sort of bizarre shopping-focused fictional high school experience that is alien to me outside of television, but at least the people involved have put some effort in and the writing on display doesn't make me want to track the authors down and shove them into lockers. And the game's only five bucks so if the style works for you, have fun.