Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Naming of Things

I am terrible at naming projects. I obsess over trying to find the right label, with all the right layers of reference, tone, implication and irony, while still being something that is short enough to fit on my webpage sidebar, unique enough that entering it into a search engine has a chance of bringing people to my game, sufficiently easy to spell that the average person CAN enter it into a search engine...

So at the moment I'm just tumbling over lists and phrases trying to find SOMETHING that fits.

Some of the phrases that have gone past me so far:

The Lily Marker
Buried Lilies
Drifting From Reason
Moonlight Visitation
Interlocking Spirits
A Delicacy of Spirit
These Pale Shadows
Memory's Refuge

All of them have some possibilities but...

(And no, I'm intentionally not saying just WHAT implications I'm trying to send with these titles. I want to see what images they evoke for you on their own!)

Please feel free to share your thoughts - what do these phrases make you think of? (Different ones bringing different thoughts is perfectly sensible) Which if any of them sound enticing and make you want to know what I'm on about?