Friday, 10 June 2016

Dragon Age Inquisition, Act 2, plot spoilers

so right, NOT talking about the romance (i hope)

Poor Evie did not suspect anything was weird about Blackwall at all, and in fact took him with her to Adamant to help inspire the Wardens. Hawke and Stroud went along, and bad things happened.

Meeting 'Justinia' in the Fade and getting her memories back was a huge relief for Evie. The certainty that it was not Andraste who pushed her out of the rift actually boosted her struggling faith. Being chosen by Andraste herself was just too big for Evie to handle. The actual sequence of events was more believable, and involved real people with real motivations... and maybe the hand of the Maker putting them in the right place at the right time, who's to say? Her answer to most religion-based questions after this point would still be agnostic (Maybe it was really Justinia's ghost, maybe it wasn't, and I'm not putting words in her mouth to help your religion) but much more contented with it.

This increased openness to spirituality included showing respect to Elven lore because hey, weird shit happens, maybe the elves DID have gods. Lesser gods than the Maker but who's to say what a god is anyway? No reason to be rude about it. (This caused some conflict with Sera later.)

It was Stroud who stayed in the Fade, of course. And in line with her decision about the mages, Evie promptly made the Wardens part of the Inquisition. You people might be useful but I can't TRUST you if I'm not keeping an eye on you! ... Her habit of recruiting people she doesn't trust A BIT because she needs them for the immediate crisis is again, another thing in favor of disbanding the Inquisition as soon as possible because all this was bound to blow up eventually.

(Meta level, Varric's intense relief that Hawke had survived was the first time I started thinking the Hawke/Varric shippers had a point. Not all relationships have to be the same, not all relationships have to be sexual, but there's something special there. And after this point, Varric and Evie started feeling more like friends and less like two people in the same organization.)

Come the Orlesian ball, Evie was basically rooting for Celene the whole time. Celene is a diplomat. Her advisors kept saying Gaspard would be a better ruler for Orlais. As a Free Marcher, Evie didn't want a strong Orlais, just a peaceful one, one that would cause her less headaches while she was managing the Inquisition. Celene wants to make peace with people? Good, go with that. Hooking her back up with Briala and improving the state of the elves seemed a nice bonus touch.

Evie took Dorian, Solas, and Cassandra to the ball - Dorian and Cassandra since they seemed experienced in such matters, Solas because she trusted him as her advisor. She was bemused by his calm reaction to the way the Orlesians treated him, but didn't think too much about it, particularly with her Prince Charming to keep an eye on. (Poor grope-magnet Cullen...) Since Evie as a rogue and a noble was pretty good at handling this sort of environment, she left with Florianne alive and made her yet another agent who couldn't entirely be trusted.

(I think the only person I executed was that dick mage who lured the Grey Wardens into their stupidity. Evie would have made him Tranquil if she'd been given the option, but otherwise, just kill him and get it over with.)

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