Thursday, 20 April 2017

England Exchange

Long time no update (look, 2016 was a rough year) but we finally have a new game to announce!

You play an American college student (choice of male or female protagonist, renamable) who has signed up for a semester abroad in England, where you'll be living in a hostel and meeting fellow students from around the world who have, like you, been drawn to London. Along the way, you'll get a part-time job, run afoul of various cultural confusions, get drunk for the first time (lower drinking age!), go on a Beach Episode trip, go on a lot of dates, encounter a mystery, and maybe even find the love of your life. Or at least a new direction. (But not One Direction. Can't afford those licensing fees.)

There are eight possible love interests. Pairings are 4 BxG, 4 GxB, 2 BxB, 2 GxG. And things may occasionally get a little bit saucy...

More information, a list of datable characters, and free demo versions available on the England Exchange game website.

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